Where Does Jack L. Esp Stand?

Government Reform:

The first step in government reform is to place term limits on all elected officials starting with the Governor and Legislature, such as the Senate two terms and the Representatives three terms and going on from there to the lowest elected official. In addition, I would like to see the Legislature enact legislation limiting campaign spending and establish a maximum amount for each elected office in the state.


Oregon’s economy is beginning to suffer as a result of the bills being passed in the Democratic legislature. These bills are increasing businesses costs, eliminating jobs and increasing prices to consumers. It has risen to the point that some businesses are moving out of Oregon and establishing in other states. With this happening Oregon is losing tax revenue which results in decreased tax revenue or elimination of government services.


Oregon must establish a balanced budget within the projected revenue without increasing taxes or fees or increasing debt.


National healthcare, or Medicare for All will not work while continuing to provide you with the care you expect. All such programs can only operate by reducing payments, access and/or covered service. Currently Medicare does all three and you will find that any new program will do the same.


I support legal immigration 100%. Illegal immigration is another subject and to address this situation I ask that you look up the definition of illegal in your dictionary. I attempt to be a law abiding individual and I expect that from all people living in the United States.


I believe that life begins at conception and that any unnatural ending of that life is wrong. God creates life and therefore only God has the right to terminate life.


I support the 2nd amendment fully. With this said, I feel that we need a national background check focusing on mental health and criminal activity. Remember, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Let’s make an effort to identify those individuals and limit their ability to purchase firearms.

Jack with Kevin of Oregon Firearms Federation


Oregon ranks above the national average in spending per student yet remains below the national average in its graduation rate. I believe we should do a study of Oregon’s system and compare it to the top two or three systems in the nation. I also strongly feel that the Oregon Education System should abandon the Socialist Common Core program and return to reading, writing, arithmetic and civics. Shop classes should be reinstituted so students learn marketable skills thus allowing them to enter the job market at a higher skill level.


All increased or new taxes or fees must be referred to the citizens for voter approval.