Thank you for taking the time and effort to examine my information as a candidate to respresent you in the State House of Representatives for District 21. As you are aware, each candidate seeking office is in need of the majority of the voters within their district. I am no exception. I am asking for your personal support in addition to any financial support which you feel that you are able to privde.

I am an everyday citizen with limited resources while my opponent reportedly spent over $74,000 in the last election. While this is an extreme amount to spend for this purpose, I am confident that I can accomplish the goal of being elected with a lesser amount. However, there will be a significant need in the form of campaign cash required which can only be provided by voters like yourself.

Donations can be made by check or filling out our secure online form.

Please make checks payable to:

Esp for Oregon
4563 Hayesville Drive NE
Salem, Oregon 97305

Thank you for your support!

Jack L. Esp
Candidate for State Representative
House District 21