Jack’s Opponent…

Bills my opponent, Brian Clem, voted for!

HB 3427 – gross receipts tax on businesses grossing more than $1 million, expected to squeeze 1 billion a year from Oregon’s economy

HB 2975 – appropriating $108 million from kicker refund

SB 608 – rent control: limits rent increases   

HB 2005 – creates insurance programs for 12 weeks per year paid family leave and/or medical leave

HB 2010 – extends fee assessments on hospitals for four more years.

HB 2932 – prohibits courts from inquiring of defendants’ immigration status or requiring defendant to disclose it during a criminal proceedings.

HB 2015 – allows illegal aliens to receive driver license

HB 2020 – relating to greenhouse gas emissions, declaring an emergency

SB 90 – prohibits single use plastic straws unless requested

HB 3063 – prohibits all religion and philosophical vaccination exemptions

SB 1563 – authorizes illegal alien students exemption from paying non-resident tuition at public universities

HB 4135 – authorizes healthcare providers to make decisions for end of life of patients

Jack with Oregon Senator Tim Knopp

Bills my opponent, Brian Clem, voted against!

SB 1049 – reduces state public pension costs